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Order and Delivery

For questions about your order, please contact our sales team.

E-Mail: sales@sysy.com

Fax: +49-551-50556-384

Mail Address:
Synaptic Systems GmbH
Rudolf-Wissell-Str. 28a
37079 Goettingen

Phone: +49-551-50556-0

Selected products can be ordered via antibodies-online.
Please order products not listed there directly from us.

We greatly prefer direct ordering since a close contact with the end user is very important to us.
Since direct ordering may be difficult for some customers or even impossible, please find a list of local distributors here.

How to order directly:

  • Orders can be placed via our online shop or directly with us by email.
  • The current price of all products is given in the overview for the respective product or if you enter the name of the product or article number under SEARCH.


We need the following information to process an order:

  • A complete billing address with street address or PO box number and postal/ZIP code.
  • A complete shipping address with street address and postal/ZIP code.
  • A purchase order number or reference number, if this is necessary for the billing procedure of your institution.
  • The name and phone number of a contact person.
  • For EU customers only: The VAT-number of your institution.